Roll-Off Hydraulic Tarp Systems

The Best Built Roll Off Tarp System on the Market!

The King of Covers™ and Richards Hydraulic Tarp Systems™ brands have engineered the most durable, longest-lasting, and easy-to-maintain hydraulic roll off tarp system. Our systems are fully adjustable for all 15 to 40-cubic-yard containers and designed to be used with cable or hook lift roll off trucks. We utilize our King Plate to prevent racking of the system, allowing for better performance and longevity and fewer parts to break or wear out compared to the alternate pivot gear and rack. We use higher-quality springs, cylinders, nitride-coated rams, steel braided hydraulic lines, and pumps. We also use the thickest walled arms in the industry while maintaining a low profile to prevent damage from wide cans.

As pioneers of the hydraulic tapping system industry, we have continued to innovate and create the longest-lasting and most reliable system on the road today – completed with tarps that stand the test of time