Hydraulic Tarping Systems Manufacturer and Installer


Douglas Richard, the creator, designer, and founder of Richard’s Hydraulic Dump Truck Covers was 18 and employed as a dump truck driver. Because the process of covering and uncovering the load required more time and labor than suited him, especially in inclement weather, Doug decided to do something about it. He created his own automatic system which allowed the dump truck or trailer driver to cover and uncover his load from the safety and comfort of the cab. From the late 1950s to the early 1970s Doug worked at perfecting his system, whose patented design we still use today.


Whether you are a fleet or an owner-operator, we can outfit you with the tarping system to fit your needs. Utilizing years of experience, along with tried and true technology, we produce high-quality and long-lasting systems customized for any application.


Here at the King of Covers, we manufacture and install hydraulically actuated covers on dump trucks, roll-offs, and trailers with bodies from 8 to 32 feet long.  We also have the experience and expertise to install and service cable tarping systems, side roll tarping systems, and electric tarping systems.